Orthodox Christian organises Ramadan feast for Muslims in Bosnia

NEWS 29.04.202210:33 0 komentara

A few days ago, an Orthodox Christian man in Bosnia who wants his identity to remain unknown organised and paid for an iftar feast for some 100 people in the town of Cazin, local media reported.

Muslims spend their days fasting throughout the month of Ramadan, which this year lasts from April 1 through May 1. They break their fast with a meal, Iftar, in the evening after sunset.

This is also the case for the Muslims in Bosnia, who are one of the three religious majorities in the country. Members of the three majority religious groups, Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox Christians have been living together in the country for centuries and often celebrate their holidays together still to this day.

According to the “Cazin” web portal, an example of this could recently be seen in the northwestern town of Cazin.

Some 100 Muslims broke their fast at a local restaurant. The feast was organised and paid for by an Orthodox Christian young man from the town of Bijeljina who wants to remain anonymous.

The same person has organised such feasts for Muslims before but never wanted the public to know his identity.