PDP claims fraud, asks for repeat election in Republika Srpska entity

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Party of Democratic Progress (PDP) held a press conference Monday claiming election fraud in the race for the President of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity where their candidate, Jelena Trivic, lost the lead over her opponent, Milorad Dodik, from the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, due to alleged election fraud.

“Jelena Trivic won. We won't give up. Everything we said last night based on the relevant sample was correct. The difference, which was over 10,000 votes, meant that she won. What happened during the night? We will also examine criminal liability in election theft. That legal battle will continue because of the people who supported Jelena Trivic.” Branislav Borenovic, the leader of this centre-right party said.

“There were 30,000 invalid ballots, we submitted over 20 objections to the Central Election Commission (CEC). Several hundred comments on minutes. We will examine everything in detail, and based on that, there is a serious reason to cancel the elections for the President of the RS in many polling stations and cities,” he added.

Borenovic claimed that in Doboj Dodik has a big advantage by means of alleged fraud, pointing to examples of election theft, like the fact that Trivic won zero votes in the village she is from.

“This wasn’t theft only in those cities where we’re used to it – this was a comprehensively contaminated process. In the village where I come from, the votes for Goran Kalinic were permuted. Today, people contacted me saying they voted for me (where there were zero votes for her),” Trivic explained.

She states that the turning point occurred during the night when the Central Election Commission announced that the results for the RS President were not yet clear because the election committees did not submit the results to the system on time.

Due to numerous irregularities, Trivic claims, she will request that the election process be repeated at the level of the entire RS entity.

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