Presidency member Becirovic informs Schmidt about his state property law proposal

NEWS 04.10.202319:36 0 komentara

Denis Becirovic, the Bosniak member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, met international peace envoy in Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt on Wednesday, asking for swift reaction of the international community to stop the undermining of the Dayton Peace Agreement and the Constitution of BiH, according to press release issued by Becirovic's cabinet. Pročitaj više

Becirovic met Schmidt at the Office of the High Representative (OHR) building in Sarajevo to discuss current situation in the country, stressing the need of protecting the constitutional order of Bosnia and Herzegovina and stopping the “destructive separatist policy of the authorities in Republika Srpska entity,” according to press release.

He called on the international community to react in order to stop the undermining of the Dayton Peace Agreement and the Constitution of BiH.

Becirovic also informed Schmidt about the details of the law on the state property which he sent to procedure a day before.

According to him, fundamental ground for adoption of this law is in the Annex 4 of the Dayton Peace Agreement, the Agreement on Agreement on Succession Issues of the Former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and final and binding decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the legal successor of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (one of six former Yugoslav republics), is titular, and consequently, the holder of ownership rights, on all state property. Entities and other levels of government can use those assets that are necessary for the exercise of their individual competencies, to the extent that they are authorised by the law passed by the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH,” said Becirovic's cabinet.

The presidency member also pointed out that the state property reflects statehood, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity that belong exclusively to the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, not to the entities.

Becirovic said that the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, like all other UN member states, must have all the prerogatives of an independent and sovereign state, including state property.

He added that the law on state property is based on the principles of the rule of law, according to which Bosnia and Herzegovina as a rule of law guarantees its citizens legal security, which is an essential principle of the BiH legal system.