Prosecutor suspects dead migrant at Lipa camp committed suicide


The migrant whose dead body was found on Tuesday evening at the Lipa camp in Bosnia's northwest most likely committed suicide, according to the competent prosecutor's office.

“According to the initial information and findings we have, it was most likely a suicide, but competent prosecutor already issued an order for autopsy, as to provide additional information,” said Deni Odobasic, a senior assistant at the Una-Sana Canton Prosecutor's Office.

The migrant's identity remains unknown.

Speaking to N1 earlier today, USC police commissioner Mujo Koricic said that the police officers who were deployed to the site had to use weapons and fire warning shots after a group of migrants headed towards them. The clash left two policemen injured.

Odobasic confirmed that the migrants confronted the police.

“Police intervened while performing their duty. A certain group refused to hand over the body of the dead person and two police officers suffered minor injuries on that occasion,” he added.

The autopsy will be conducted at the Cantonal Hospital in Bihac, the canton's administrative centre.

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