Protests in Sarajevo seeking the truth regarding the death of 3-year-old girl

NEWS 18.02.2022 14:55

Bosnian citizens from Kakanj, Visoko, Ilijas, Sarajevo and other places are gathering in front of Sarajevo’s BBI bank, demanding the truth about the death of the girl Dzenana Gadzun.

The protesters were supposed to walk from there to the Sarajevo Canton’s Prosecutors Office, as it was announced earlier but the parents of the deceased girl decided to address the gathered citizens there.

The girl died during a routine procedure in a local private clinic in Sarajevo. Three months later, the mother, Amila Gadzun said on her Facebook profile they are forced to demand justice on the streets.

The father of the girl. Muris Gadzun attempted to speak at the protest, but he was overwhelmed by emotions. Instead, family lawyer Almin Dautbegovic spoke:

“In the long years of my career, I never had such a case. We are all equal and I don’t make a difference when it comes to life. This death aroused great public interest. I’ve seen people cry. My role is to follow the family through the investigation procedure in the expectation that the state, through the Prosecutor's Office, will identify the regulations of the health workers who were involved in this and get a hold of the responsible persons who would be punished. This work that the prosecutor is doing, beyond all expectations, has gone in a direction that we are not satisfied with, “said Dautebegovic.

“The Prosecution promised to do everything conscientiously and correctly, but after three months we learned from the media that the Prosecution has heard some witnesses and that they will hear some more, yet we are denied that information,” the lawyer said, adding:

“We are afraid that doctors who are, rightly, the social elite in all countries, especially in our country, would not like us to impose regulations on health practice through this example, to bring order to doctors who work in state institutions in the morning and operate in private clinics with improper conditions in the afternoon.”

Memic family, who is also seeking the truth about the death of their son Dzenan Memic who had died under mysterious circumstances in Sarajevo, have extended their support to the Gadzun family.





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