Putin on Bosnia: Whatever decisions are imposed, future will be determined by people living there

NEWS 14.12.202314:33 0 komentara

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at his annual conference that Russia's policy towards Bosnia and Herzegovina will be based on the principles of respecting the wishes of the people who live there.

“We are aware of the situation in the RS and BiH. Our assessments of the situation fully match those of your authorities. Now, speaking of the Russian media, it’s a pity that they are not present. Not sure if RT has reception there. You don’t have RT. That needs to be thought through, and I will ask our colleagues to look into it and see what can be done. Speaking of the future. The future will be determined by the people living in that territory,” Putin said in response to a question from a journalist from the Republika Srpska (RS) entity.

“And regardless of what decisions from the past and present are imposed on those who live in a certain territory. After all, if we’re really looking for a balanced world that takes into account everyone's interests, above all, the interests of those who live in a certain territory, we should take into account the feelings, plans and ambitions of these people. Our policy towards Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska will be based on these principles. The assessment of that situation by our and your political leadership completely coincides,” said the Russian President.

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