Quint countries offer assistance to Bosnian Parliament in resolving crisis

NEWS 22.12.202116:06 0 komentara

The Bosnian Parliament leadership met with the Quint ambassadors and representatives of the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday to discuss possible ways to resolve ongoing political crisis in the country.

The ambassadors and representatives of Germany, the USA, France, the UK, Italy, as well as the EU's office in the country talked the option of passing a law in the Bosnian Parliament banning the denial of genocide and war crimes, and all forms of hate speech,

They reminded of the content of the letter by the international peace envoy Christian Schmidt for the Parliament from December 9 this year, which they assessed as an opportunity for parliament to take responsibility and pass a law that would be in line with international and European standards, which they said would allow them to withdraw the amendments to the Criminal Code that were imposed by Schmidt's predecessor, High Representative Valentin Inzko.

The ambassadors called for the formation of a parliamentary working group as soon as possible, which would work on a law banning denial of genocide and war crimes, as well as drafting a law on state property. They also called for a constructive dialogue within the Bosnian institutions and offered the support and assistance in finding a compromise and consensus on those issues.

The speakers and deputy speakers of both chambers of the Parliament as well as heads of caucus expressed different views on possible solutions to the law on denial of genocide and war crimes.

They agreed that the content of the imposed amendments to the Criminal Code is not disputable, and also on the need to open an internal political dialogue on this law and on regulating the state property issue.

The Parliament's top officials thanked the ambassadors for their dedicated efforts to find solutions to the political crisis in BiH, and expressed hope that the meeting would contribute to reaching the compromise on all open political issues and stabilisation of the overall political situation, BiH and the entire region.