Raging wildfire still active in the area of Neum

NEWS 03.08.2022 09:42

The large fire that broke out in the area of the coastal Bosnian town of Neum is still active, the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Civil Protection authority spokesperson, Pero Pavlovic, told N1.

The blaze is highly active in the areas of Prapratnica, Grac and Zerlenikovac where the fire is expanding quickly, he said.


He said, however, that the Stolac-Neum road was meanwhile reopened for traffic and that local authorities have asked the BiH Armed Forces to help respond to the fires from the air.

“Firefighters were on the field throughout the night and according to the information available to our operational centre, the situation is serious,” said Pavlovic.

Firefighters from Slano, in Croatia, as well as from the Bosnian towns of Capljina, Stolac and Mostar are helping extinguish the fire.

Pavlovic said firefighters managed to protect the homes and population in Prapratnica throughout the night.

“A strong wind that expands the fire at speed is making it more difficult and therefore, aerial assistance would significantly help,” he said.

Firefighters have been putting out the fire across Herzegovina for days, with the assistance of helicopters of the Bosnian Armed Forces and Croatia's Canadair water bombers.


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