Republika Srpska MP's son suspected of murdering a police officer

NEWS 02.10.202311:44 0 komentara

A suspect was arrested in Bijeljina early Monday morning for the murder of police inspector Nenad Markovic, ATV learns.

According to unofficial information, Nikola Kokanovic, son of Zoran Kokanovic, a member of the Socialist Party and MP in the Republika Srpska (RS) entity parliament, was arrested.

ATV learned that the suspect and the murdered police inspector were not in conflict. Kokanović's son planted an explosive device in a bar and set fire to a car in 2021.

Inspector Markovic was shot and killed Sunday night, a few minutes after midnight in front of a nightclub in Bijeljina. Unofficially, Markovic was shot at the moment when he was leaving the club. On that occasion, a security guard was wounded as well.

Immediately after the murder, a large number of police officers arrived at the scene, blocking off the wider area around the crime scene, and stopping and controlling all vehicles and passers-by.

Early this morning, four people were arrested, including the suspect, Nikola Kokanovic, due to their connection with this crime.

The murdered Nenad Markovic worked as an inspector in Police Station 2 in Bijeljina.