RS opposition candidate wants to join forces with opposition in FBiH entity

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Nebojsa Vukanovic, the candidate for Republika Srpska entity parliament and the leader of the opposition List for Justice and Order, said following the Sunday general election that he would like to form a coalition with the opposition in the Federation entity (FBiH), so they can work against the SDA and the SNSD parties and disable them in forming the authorities.

Speaking to N1, Vukanovic said he was happy for the victory of Denis Becirovic, the opposition candidate for the post of the Bosniak member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency.

“I am happy for the new people who will work sincerely on reconciliation. We don't need foreigners or tutors,” said Vukanovic, who achieved a significant success in the elections.

Commenting on alleged irregularities in the election process in Republika Srpska, particularly in the race for the post of Republika Srpska President, Vukanovic directly accused presidential candidate and the leader of the ruling SNSD Milorad Dodik of electoral fraud.

“You need to understand that he has been stealing since he came into power. This is not the first time,” said Vukanovic, referring to alleged ballot rigging in the race for the post of Republika Srpska President, where Dodik is in lead ahead of the opposition candidate Jelena Trivic.

“If one vote is stolen, it is too much. There are places where Jelena is multiplied by zero,” he added.

As for the allegations about deteriorated relations between Dodik and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Vukanovic said that Dodik “crossed a red line with Vucic.”

According to him, Dodik made damage to Serbia and Vucic with his “inconsiderate moves.”

He also criticised High Representative Christian Schmidt who said that only “minor irregularities” were recorded in the election process.

“I would like to tell Schmidt: shame on you,” said Vukanovic, blaming the international envoy for the irregularities and asking him why he did not introduce scanners and cameras to monitor the election process.