RS President sees chance in Russo-Chinese proposal on BiH to UN Security Council


The President of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated Republika Srpska (RS) entity Zeljka Cvijanovic said Friday that she sees a chance in the Russo-Chinese proposal regarding the international community’s envoy for salvaging some of the community's credibility in the country. Pročitaj više

Russia and China drafted a proposal to the UN Security Council regarding the High Representative in BiH who oversees the civilian implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement that ended the war in BiH by which his ‘Bonn powers’ with which he can sanction BiH politician and impose laws in the country, would be stripped away and the institution abolished within two years.

“The way this High Representative was elected is wrong. On the other hand, we are aware that he is a Dayton category and there is no dilemma about that, however, the Dayton did not say that they can change the Constitution, impose constitutional solutions, sanction people and leave them without basic rights. He ˙the High Representative) takes away their work, their documents making them non-existent. After all, they (the sanctioned individual) did not have the right to address any court,” Cvijanovic pointed out speaking about the ‘Bonn powers’.

The entity President believes the new High Representative can only return to his term. To do what the term prescribes, not to impose solutions.

She also said that the way in which a new High Representative is elected “is not prescribed by the Dayton procedure” which the RS objected, adding that the time of imposition of political solutions in BiH is over.

Cvijanovic noted that this is where the “Bosniak agenda lies, which means centralization in which someone will be dominant, and that someone is the Bosniak people.”

“They will use this centralization to achieve that domination, which would be ethnic, disguised as civic,” concluded Zeljka Cvijanovic.