Sarajevo Canton declares ‘Warning’ over air pollution


Based on air quality measurements, as well as the announced weather conditions, the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure and the Environmental Protection of the Sarajevo Canton declared a "Warning" episode.

They say that the automatic measuring stations recorded an average daily limit value for PM10 particles above 50 µg/m3. No increase in concentrations of other air pollutants was recorded.

Taking into account the weather forecast, conditions have been met for the declaration of the “Warning” episode in all zones provided for the implementation of the Plan of Intervention Measures.

Health recommendations for people with chronic lung and heart diseases, as well as those prone to severe allergic reactions, the elderly population, chronically stable patients, pregnant women, and younger children are to avoid being outdoors.

IQ Air Screenshot

According to the IQ Air monitor, Sarajevo ranked third most polluted city on Sunday morning.