Sarajevo marks 138th anniversary of first electric tram

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On this day in 1885, exactly at 10:00 am, the first electric tram began to operate in Sarajevo, replacing the previous horse-drawn tram.

The tram ran from the Railway Station to Latinska cuprija, and thus Sarajevo became the first city in Europe to have an all-day tram line.

Then part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the Bosnian capital began excavating its streets and laying tram tracks during the summer of 1884.

The first tram line was 3.1 kilometres long and had only one lane, which was used by a single tram. The first “tram driver” was Johan Hanke.

At the same time as the first electric tram, Sarajevo also got electric lighting on the city streets. In 1895, Sarajevo entered the ranks of the most technically advanced European capitals.