Sarajevo Philharmonic to get a Steinway piano for 100th birthday

NEWS 05.12.2022 21:29
Source: Sarajevska filharmonija

Two months after signing the contract for the purchase of a new concert piano, the director of the Sarajevo Philharmonic, Vedran Tuce, decided on the best one in Hamburg, Germany, on Monday. 

The new concert piano was tested at the Steinway&Sons factory by the renowned pianist Ruben Dalibaltayan, and the representatives of Steinway & Sons in Croatia, the Kovacicek family, also attended the selection.

Many years of effort and all the steps taken have borne fruit and the beautiful black Steinway will soon arrive in Sarajevo. It will truly be the most beautiful gift to the Sarajevo Philharmonic for its 100th birthday.

Maestro Dalibaltayan chose from the 7 offered pianos the one on which the world's great pianists will play and which will be the jewel of the Sarajevo Philharmonic's future concerts.

Already after the first notes played on the piano, Dalibaltayan expressed great satisfaction with the quality of this superb instrument and added that he approached the responsibility of selecting the first concert piano for the 100th anniversary of the Sarajevo Philharmonic with a certain amount of trepidation.

Source: : Sarajevska filharmonija
Source: : Sarajevska filharmonija
Source: : Sarajevska filharmonija
Source: : Sarajevska filharmonija


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