Saturday marks 13 anniversary of murder of 16-y-o Denis Mrnjavac in Sarajevo


Saturday marks the 13th anniversary of the murder of the 16-year-old Denis Mrnjavac on his way back from school, when three minors attacked him in a tram, inflicting severe bodily injuries from which he died the day after.

Denis’ mother Ana Mrnjavac said at marking the sad anniversary that even after 13 years, everything is still very painful and sad.

“Every day is sadder and more painful. I thought about not to saying anything for this anniversary, to just be silent, not to say anything about to the press, considering that there is nothing more to say. We are aware that nothing much has changed, all these 13 years. and, this event, this tragedy of my son did not give any result, it didn’t become a warning because innocent children are still suffering, and I thought when that terrible act happened that Denis would be a victim for all the innocent children and that his death would be an eternal warning to this city, society and this country,” said Mrnjavac.

She added that she believes she will persevere because her son always gives her strength.

Denis Mrnjavac was killed in the most brutal way by his peers Nermin Sikiric, Ademir Lelovic and Berin Talic. Nermin Sikiric was sentenced to 10 years in prison for murder, while Ademir Lelovic and Berin Talic were sentenced to 15 and 10 years in prison, respectively, for aiding and abetting.

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