‘Around 70 percent of attacks on Bosnian journalists go unpunished’

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After the attacks on Bosnian journalists, publicists and analysts Senad Hadzifejzovic, Dragan Bursac and Tanja Topic, Borka Rudic Secretary-General of the BH Journalists Association, believes that the attacks on journalists are the result of impunity, while Nermin Pecanac, former Sarajevo Canton's Interior Minister, claims that the solution lies in the introduction of criminal-legal protection of journalists. Speaking for N1, they warned on Tuesday that some 70 percent of attacks on journalists go unpunished.

Borka Rudic said that state institutions are not doing their job in protecting journalists.

She recalled that BH Journalists and the Helpline for Journalists have been keeping records of attacks on journalists and other violations of journalists’ rights and media freedoms since 2004.

“We have been warning for 16 years that 70 percent of attacks on journalists go unpunished,” said Rudic.

On the other hand, Nermin Pecanac said that he “doesn't think many people understand some things. I think that the introduction of criminal-legal protection of journalists will make it known to both prosecutors and prosecutions that they cannot have a broad opinion or attitude towards journalists which would be completely different than towards others,” said Pecanac, adding that:

“At the moment, I believe that the introduction of criminal law protection is the only way to protect journalists.”

He believes that the situation in BiH has escalated when it comes to attacks on journalists.
What happened last to Senad Hadzifejzovic is happening to many journalists as well. No less dangerous is the statement of a party from Mostar that said that they know where Hadzifejzovic's house is. It’s a form of threat, but when you look at it as an isolated statement it seems to you that it’s nothing. This threat from Mostar is no less dangerous than this threat that happened in front of FaceTV,” he said.

Several days ago, a man tried to enter Hadzifejzovic's FaceTV by force. The man was later apprehended and interrogated by the prosecution.

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