Srebrenica mother Hajra Catic did not live to see her son laid to rest

NEWS 09.11.202118:19 0 komentara

The head of the ‘Women of Srebrenica’ association, Hajra Catic, passed away on Tuesday without ever finding a single bone belonging to her son, Nihad, who was killed in the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide.

The news of Catic’s death was confirmed by the head of the ‘Mothers of Srebrenica and Zepa Enclaves’, Munira Subasic. She said Catic passed away at the Abdulah Nakas hospital in Sarajevo, where she had been hospitalised for several days.


“I spoke to her two days ago, she sounded very bad, I told her she would endure it as before, but unfortunately she couldn’t. If only she had managed to find at least one of her son's bones, she had fought for it all her life, but unfortunately, she didn't. Her soul would have gone to the next world more peacefully, someone would at least know that her son existed, there would at least be a grave,” Subasic told N1.

For years, Catic sought to bury at least one of the bones of her son Nihad, who was a war reporter, known by the nickname Nino.

Unfortunately, her wish was not fulfilled, and Catic would often tell the media that she struggles with a lack of information about mass graves in the country, which further complicated the process.
In previous interviews, Catic expressed concern about the slow process of identifying genocide victims in Bosnia.

“We are appalled by the relocation of the laboratory from BiH because it takes a long time to prepare everything here, then send it to Belgium, and who knows how long it will take to send the results because they work not only for Srebrenica and Podrinje, but for all places around the world where genocide took place. All this will be even slower. I am disappointed and I am afraid that I will not live to see the discovery of the remains of my son Nino,” Catic told the media previously.

Many Srebrenica residents posted their farewell messages to Hajra Catic on social media, emphasizing that she dedicated her entire life to the fight for truth and justice for the victims, and tirelessly made a great contribution.