Srebrenica mothers pay tribute to fallen Croats in Grabovica

NEWS 25.01.2023 20:59

Mothers from Srebenica paid tribute to the Croat victims in Grabovica, the director of the Srebrenica Memorial Center, Emir Suljagic, said Wednesday on his official Twitter profile.

“This photo captures a powerful moment of empathy and humanity. It shows mothers from Srebrenica paying respect to murdered Croat civilians in Grabovica as part of Srebrenica Memorial Centre’s efforts to encourage different road of dialogue in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” tweeted Suljagic.

Only five members of the then Republic of BiH Army have been sentenced for the crime in Grabovica. Former members of the RBiH Army were held accountable for individual murders before the domestic courts but none for war crimes against the civilian population and under command responsibility.

Mustafa Hota was sentenced to nine years in prison, Enes Sakrak to ten years, while Nihad Vlahovljak, Sead Karagic and Haris Rajkic were sentenced to 13 years in prison each.

For the crime in Grabovica, the International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia acquitted Sefer Halilović, Chief of the Main Staff of the Supreme Command of the RBiH Army, of criminal responsibility.


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