Swastika drawn on Israeli street poster in the centre of Sarajevo 

NEWS 04.01.2023 17:454 komentara

Sarajevans were horrified by a scene in the city centre Wednesday, where vandals drew a swastika on the street poster of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of Israel in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The photo of the fascist symbol was shared on social networks, Radiosarajevo.ba writes.

“To draw a swastika – a symbol of a regime that brought Europe to its knees and under which 85 percent of the Jews of Bosnia and Herzegovina were killed is disgusting! This doesn't represent a fight against anyone or for anyone's rights – this is pure anti-Semitism,” wrote Vladimir Andrle, the Head of the Jewish cultural-educational and humanitarian society in Sarajevo “La Benevolencija”.

The Sarajevo police told Radiosarajevo.ba that they are conducting an investigation related to this event, and that this is the only information they can share with the public at this time.


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