The last Ladino language speaker in Bosnia, Moris Albahari, passed away

NEWS 24.10.202212:07 0 komentara

Moris Albahari, the last speaker of the Ladino language in Bosnia and a guardian of the Jewish tradition, passed away in Sarajevo at the age of 93.

Albahari, a Sephardic Jew raised in Sarajevo, possessed vast knowledge about the rich history of the Jews and their culture in the region. He was always willing to selflessly share this knowledge.

One of his last wishes was to return the watch that his family had kept for 100 years to the Jeftanovic family in Sarajevo. That wish came true in June of this year when Andrea Jeftanovic arrived in Sarajevo from Chile.

Albahari was born in 1930, and in his rich career, he was involved in aviation. He oversaw the construction of the Sarajevo International Airport, and was its first director.

Albahari escaped a train taking Jews from Yugoslavia to concentration camps at the age of 11.

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