Toxicology report finds eight Posusje youths died of carbon monoxide poisoning


The Toxicology report of blood samples from eight Bosnian youths who died on New Year's Eve in Tribistovo, Posusje Municipality confirmed that the deaths of all the victims were caused by asphyxiation caused by carbon monoxide, Anadolu Agency reported Thursday.

“The blood analysis of all eight individuals confirmed that they experienced carbon monoxide intoxication,” West-Herzegovina Canton's Chief Prosecutor Josip Ancic confirmed for Anadolu Agency.

Eight youths from the south-Bosnian town of Posušje celebrated the New Year in a cottage in Tribistovo and stayed awake until four o'clock on the first day of 2021. At 10 a.m., their friends from a neighbouring cottage found them dead.

The Prosecution will additionally perform an expert examination of the chimney in the cottage, as well as the power generator that is suspected of releasing the deadly gas.

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