Tragedy nearly avoided when bulls breached fence at bullfighting event in Bosnia

NEWS 02.08.2022 11:13

A tragedy was nearly avoided when two bulls broke through the protective fence during the bullfights in Bakovici, near the Bosnian town of Olovo.

The event took place on Sunday. As per tradition, a lot of alcohol was provided in the white tents on the field for visitors who had the opportunity to enjoy live folk music performances.

The match between the two bulls, Zuja and Brijezonja, ended when the latter tried to escape from his opponent after he was defeated.

People panicked and started running as soon as the bulls broke through the fence.

It is only through sheer luck that no one was seriously injured. One woman suffered light injuries.

Animal protection associations in BiH have been trying to ban traditional bullfighting for years because of the inhumane treatment of animals.


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