UK special envoy's first message to Bosnian citizens


Stuart Peach, the UK Special Envoy to the Western Balkans, arrived in Sarajevo on Tuesday for his first visit upon taking over the duty, where he held meetings with Bosnian senior officials.

Peach, who served as NATO's senior military officer and held a number of senior UK military roles, was appointed by UK Prime Minister earlier this month.

In his first message to Bosnian citizens he said the UK wants to see a safe and secure Western Balkans, with strong democratic and robust rule of law.

“In this position I'll be bringing my personal experience with the best of the UK's diplomatic security and trade expertise to support political solutions and promote your Atlantic integration,” Peach said.

He announced meetings with senior officials, law enforcement agencies, parliamentarians and “very importantly with young civil society actors who are working to promote peace and reconciliation” during his visit to Bosnia.

Peach stressed he looked forward to working closely with all partners including the High Representative and international allies, and to “supporting those who are committed to progress in this country.”

On Tuesday, Peach met with the members of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency in a closed meeting.