Universal Studios picks Bosnian national park for a movie set

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The breathtaking scenery of the Strbacki Buk waterfalls in the northwestern Bosnia will become a movie set for a Hollywood film this month, learns N1.

According to the Una National Park Director Amarildo Mulic, Universal Studios staff have already started with the shooting preparations.

He said that the entire area of the national park is becoming more and more interesting for shooting of adventure film scenes.

“It is not the first time that the Una National Park is a source of the inspiration for the many. Just recently some foreign – French, German – TV stations were shooting documentaries here, just like BBC or Dutch TV stations did before. This time it is Universal Studios. This means a huge promotion for the Una National Park but also the promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” he told N1.

Mulic could not unveil any other detail about the project taking place from June 8 through June 10, which is according to him likely to continue afterwards.

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