Unseen video of destruction of Mostar Old Bridge recorded by Croatian Army crew

Screenshot/JOB/Centar za mir i multietničku saradnju Mostar

The joint organization of veterans of the City of Mostar (JOB) and TV Historija, which works within the Center for Peace and Multi-Ethnic Cooperation from Mostar, acquired authentic video footage of the shelling and demolition of the Old Bridge, unseen for the past 30 years, filmed by the Croatian Army crew on November 8 and 9, 1993.

The two organizations said that the shelling of the Old Bridge was filmed by the crew of the Croatian Army from the fortifications on the towers of Hum Hill above the city. Their camera recorded over 50 missiles fired by a Croat Defence Council (HVO) tank from the Stotina location.

“Despite the Hague Court clearly stating that the Old Bridge was destroyed by shells from a tank from the HVO position, in the final verdict of the ‘Six’ that made up the political and military leadership of the ‘Herzeg-Bosna’ parastate, on November 29, 2017, the film we obtained prevents all the speculations of those who deny the verdict and form ‘their own truths’,” JOB and the Centre for Peace said in their statement.

On this occasion, the director of the Centre for Peace and Multi-Ethnic Cooperation, Safet Orucevic, said that the film, which was discovered by accident, only confirms everything that was ruled by the Hague Tribunal in the part of the judgment on the Six, which refers to the demolition of the Old Bridge.

“Today, I am proud of the fact that from the first day of this terrible destruction, we never accused the Croatian people, but the monsters who ordered and carried this out. I am proud that we decided to build the Old Bridge together with the World Bank and UNESCO back in 1997, and that in addition to the many countries that participated in the construction, the Croatian Government led by Prime Minister Racan came to Mostar and supported this project, the Old Bridge – a monument of peace,” Orucevic said and added: “These recordings should be watched carefully by those who lightly speak of war and conflicts, let it be a reminder of what the citizens of our city and Bosnia and Herzegovina have gone through. And let them know, I said that on November 9, 1993, there are no shells that could kill our common love for this city and everything that it has been through the ages.”