US Embassy calls on authorities to prosecute vandalism at Kazani monument

NEWS 30.09.202315:48 0 komentara

The US Embassy in Sarajevo commented on the recent case of vandalism, when a monument to the victims of Kazani above Sarajevo was desecrated by still unknown perpetrators, and called on competent authorities to investigate and prosecute this criminal act.

“The United States condemns the recent vandalism of the monument to the victims of Kazani murdered in Sarajevo by the forces of Musan Topalovic. The responsible authorities must investigate thoroughly and prosecute this criminal act and others like it wherever they occur,” the embassy posted on X, formerly Twitter.

It also stressed that these acts do not contribute to the reconciliation process in the country.

“Acts of ethnonationalist hatred, such as the vandalism of the Kazani monument, set back prospects for much-needed reconciliation in BiH and tear at the country’s already fragile social fabric. We will continue to support efforts to promote a multiethnic, tolerant, and prosperous BiH,” said the embassy.

The comment comes a day after the monument to the murdered Serb citizens of Sarajevo was desecrated by still unknown perpetrators.

A graffiti saying ‘Caco lives in us. No 10’ was painted on the monument, hinting at Musan Topalovic Caco, the commander of the 10th Mountain Brigade of the Army of the RBiH, whose soldiers were sentenced to prison sentences of up to 10 years for these murders.

Kazani monument desecrated, Mayor says it will be restored in 24 hrs

Sarajevo Mayor condemned the vandalism and, as she announced, the graffiti was removed shortly.

“Sarajevo has always nurtured tolerance and coexistence, and such and similar outbursts will never have a suitable ground in this city. I call on all citizens for peace, dignity and control of their emotions, and the competent authorities to discover the perpetrators, punish them appropriately and inform the public about it. The monument will be restored within 24 hours,” the Mayor concluded.