‘We are Dodik's family too’ rally held at Pale near Sarajevo

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A rally with a petition signing in support of the Republika Srpska (RS) entity President Milorad Dodik and his family was held in Pale, a town near Sarajevo on Monday, and after the US expanded the list of sanctioned individuals to include members of the Dodik family, Igor and Gorica, and several of their companies. Those gathered carried a banner "We too are Milorad Dodik’s family." Pročitaj više

The gathering was attended by MP Miroslav Vujicic, ex-MP Bosko Tomic and Bosnia’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Stasa Kosarac, who also signed the petition.

“It is completely clear that Dodik is implementing a policy of preserving and strengthening the Republika Srpska and its constitutionality. Unhindered and undisturbed, all over the world. But it's obvious that the foreigners don't like that, so they're dealing with Dodik,” Kosarac said.

Those gathered at Pale call for unity, with the message that “institutions and property can be preserved under the flag of Republika Srpska.”

US Department of Treasury introduced new sanctions for the family of Milorad Dodik – his daughter Gorica and son Igor. Apart from them, the list includes the restaurant “Agape” owned by Gorica and Ivana Dodik, the company “Agrovoce” which is associated with Gorica, as well as the company “Fruit Eco” which is associated with Igor Dodik, and the company “Global Liberty” which is linked to Igor and Gorica.

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