Wednesday's 110 bomb threats in Sarajevo Canton are treated as terrorism


After Wednesday morning's reports of bombs in all primary and most secondary schools throughout the Sarajevo Canton (KS), the authorities presented details about this case, stating that the threat reached 110 facilities with nearly 18,000 students.

Sarajevo Police Commissioner Nusret Selimovic said that counter-diversion inspection in the institutions in the KS area where bomb threats were reported this morning was still ongoing, but also that, so far, nothing has been found. He pointed out that everything indicates that this is a criminal act of terrorism.

“An emergency meeting was held Wednesday morning in the KS Prosecutor's Office, and according to the information available so far, everything indicates that this could be a criminal act of terrorism, which will be treated as such, given the competencies in that situation,” the Commissioner said.

He added that intensive work is being done to shed light on the detection and identification of criminals responsible for this situation.

“This type of crime is quite difficult to shed light on. Unfortunately, some media also contribute to the fact that we have a worse situation than we had before. There are a lot of problems here, and the basic thing is that even today you can buy a sim card at a newsstand, use it and then throw it away,” Commissioner Selimovic emphasized.

Edin Forto, the KS Prime Minister said that the police are doing their job at full capacity with the cooperation of other police agencies.

“In accordance with the law and precautionary measures, the police is currently carrying out all the necessary inspections. Nothing has been found at this time and we expect that they will have some leads by the end of the investigation. Regardless of that, every threat is taken completely seriously and will continue to do so in the future,” Forto said.

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