Wolfgang Petritsch: Bosnia and Herzegovina needs a radical turning point

Constant use of Bonn powers is not a solution for Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is a plan for disaster, international community's former High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Wolfgang Petritsch told N1. According to him, the political system in BiH is in a deadlock and it is time to understand that responsibility lies on local authorities.

Asked if current High Representative Christian Schmidt should use his special powers known as Bonn powers more to solve problems in the country, Petritsch replied that there are politicians who refuse to find a constructive solution for the country and its citizens, calling them irresponsible.

According to him, it is the task of voters to change political culture in the country, with the help of the EU and USA.

It is time to understand it is on local politicians to solve the local problems and challenges in the country, added Petritsch.

He also commented on the ongoing situation in the Federation entity, where the SDA is trying to block the formation of the entity government, while the HDZ BiH and the Eight bloc want Schmidt to use Bonn powers to solve the situation.

This deadlock is a sign that the Bosnian political system is dysfunctional, he ntoed, arguing that continuous use of Bonn powers will not solve the problem but will disable the country to move forward on the EU path.

If the interventions from outside do not stop, there will be no European future for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Petritsch said.

He deems that there is more and more of those who are ready to make compromises, who are ready to make a step to implement people's will.

What Bosnia and Herzegovina needs is a “radical turning point.” It is happening in the rest of the world but it is still not happening in BiH, he concluded.

Watch the full interview with Petritsch in the video.