Workers of Sarajevo public transport operator protest over unpaid salaries

NEWS 21.05.2021 11:22
Foto: Faruk Zametica/N1

Employees of the public transport operator GRAS in Sarajevo gathered to protest in front of the company headquarters on Friday to express their anger over unpaid salaries, the situation in the company and working conditions.

Some of the employees began a hunger strike on Tuesday.

KJKP GRAS's accounts were blocked several months ago so the workers could not be paid their salaries.

Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister, Edin Forto, blamed the management of the company for the situation.

According to a representative of the workers, Amir Muminovic, “GRAS is a company that has been systematically destroyed for years.”

“We didn’t get our salaries regularly for seven or eight months, now we didn’t get them at all for the past 60 days and we have no idea when we might get them,” he said.


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