Zenica miners break through police barricade on M-17 highway


Dissatisfied miners demanding their rights in Zenica, after blocking the M-17 highway, also blocked the exit section after breaking through the police barricade.

As reported by N1 reporters, one miner was injured during the breakthrough.

Traffic is currently blocked in this section.

Zenica miners declared labour disobedience on March 25, and since yesterday they have been on the streets demanding salaries from February and contributions from January.

The mine's account was blocked based on the interest for the use of construction land, compensation for which the principal was paid earlier, but the interest of some three million Bosnian marks (around €1.5 mil) was never written off, which is why the City of Zenica has been blocking the miners’ account every month for the last 18 months.

The Zenica City Council unanimously accepted the request to unblock the account of the Zenica Brown Coal Mine Subsidiary, but this did not create the conditions for the protest to end. Mayor Fuad Kasumovic did not attend the City Council session, and although the miners have been asking since yesterday that he authorizes someone to unblock the company's account on their behalf, no one from the City Administration has yet responded.