A 15 year-old Bosnian makes it to top 100 chess cadets in the world

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Maksim Savanovic, a 15-year-old chess player from Bosnia and Herzegovina, has made it to the top 100 world’s cadets and has a plan to become one of the top 20 chess cadets in the International Chess Federation (FIDE) ranking. Pročitaj više

His grandfather had taught him the first chess moves and he continued training with chess expert Daniel Milekic of the Banja Luka Chess Club.

“I knew the rules but I was not so interested up until three years ago, when tours started. I noticed it and started making progress, play a bit more. It was completely amateur playing before,” said Savanovic, who claims that starting to play professionally at the age of 11 might be a bit late.

He explained there are three rating categories in chess – Blitz, Rapid and Bullet, adding that he is the 60th player in the world in Rapid and the 70th in Blitz categories, for the players under 16.

His aim is to be among the top 20 by the end of the year and to win the title of FIDE master.

Asked what made him like chess so much, the young man replied it was the competitive spirit and his love for individual sports.

Also, he enjoys analysing, thinking and the way in which players fight to win a chess game.

This Gymnasium student normally spends three to four hours per day training, sometimes even whole days.

Savanovic’s dream is to win the Grandmaster title one day, which is two titles ahead of the FIDE master title he is chasing now.

“I could do that when I reach the age of 20, but it all depends, sometimes even younger players win it, there is no rule,” he concluded.