Bosnian diaspora in Norway registers for 2018 election

Source: Facebook

Mass registration of Bosnian voters for the upcoming general election was organized on Saturday at the premises of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Embassy in Oslo.

Ambassador Nedim Makarevic recently launched an initiative to animate Bosnian community in Norway to take part in the election. According to him, the voters were easily giving up on casting their vote due to minor technical obstacles.

On the other hand, added the ambassador, there are those who say that elections are falsified anyway so that the best decision is boycotting them.

“Ignoring the fact that such approach is contradictory to the spirit of modern democracy, we all know very well that the boycott is something harming Bosnia and Herzegovina the most. We must fight together against such standpoints, by creating the necessary awareness and pointing out the importance of election,” said the ambassador.

Makarevic warned that Bosnia’s diaspora could fully assimilate if it loses strong connection with the home country. “And participating in election is one way to keep it,” he concluded.

The citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina will cast their vote on October 7, when they will elect the members of the state tripartite Presidency, entity presidents, as well as members of the state, entity and cantonal parliaments