Air Serbia expands flight schedule for Sarajevo after WizzAir closes is base

NEWS 07.10.202216:45 0 komentara
Promo/Air Serbia

Serbian flag carrier Air Serbia has announced launching a number of new flights to and from Sarajevo after low-cost carrier WizzAir said it would close its Sarajevo base as of November 1.

In a statement on Wednesday, WizzAir cited challenges of the macroeconomic environment as the reason for closing the base in Sarajevo, among other things, announcing that the company would focus on the base they have in Tuzla, the city north of Sarajevo.

Following the announcement, Air Serbia said it would provide adequate capacities and special prices so that all passengers whose travel plans are now partially or completely affected will be quickly and comfortably transported to their final destinations, via Belgrade.

The ticket prices for those flights will be lower than average, depending on destinations, starting from 69 euro for one-way trips through Belgrade.

The tickets will be available on Air Serbia website as of October 7 through October 16, for the trips as of November 1.