BiH Court rejects appeals: Elections in Srebrenica and Doboj will be repeated

NEWS 27.01.202115:44 0 komentara

The BiH Court rejected all appeals against the decisions of the Central Election Commission on annulling the elections in Srebrenica and Doboj, and the decision on saying it is impossible to take over the mandate for Mayor of Travnik after the Mayor-elect died of Covid-19, the president of Bosnia's election watchdog Zeljko Bakalar told N1 Wednesday.

Eleven appeals were sent against these decisions by the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), Socialist Party (SP), Serb Democratic Party (SDS), Democratic National Alliance (DNS), Party of Democratic Progress (PDP), the Coalition “Doboj u Srcu”, the People's Movement “Banja Luka Zove”, and the Demos-First Serbian Democratic Party.

This confirms the decisions made by the Central Election Commission on January 21.

The CEC BiH is now expected to hold a session at which they will pass a decision to hold repeat elections in Srebrenica and Doboj, and early elections in Travnik.

The CEC BiH has made a decision to annul the election results for 26 out of 28 polling stations for Srebrenica as well as 89 out of a total of 108 polling stations in Doboj. Also, it passed a Decision on the impossibility of taking over the mandate of the Mayor of Travnik by the second runner-up, after the candidate who won most votes during October local elections in 2020 died from Covid-19 before taking office.