BiH Football Association Board member regrets voting to accept match with Russia

Fuad Čolpa

Fuad Colpa, who voted to accept the invitation of Russia’s football association to play a friendly match against Bosnia's national team, told N1 that he will ask for the match to be canceled.

The decision to play the match against Russia’s team sparked outrage among the public, politicians, former and current representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the public abroad, which made Colpa change his mind.

He said he will try to get the president of Bosnia’s football association Vico Zeljkovic to cancel the match.


“I will talk to the president after the match with Montenegro to cancel the decision,” he said, adding that he believes Zeljkovic will be willing to postpone the match to some other time because UEFA is considering removing the sanctions against the Russian Federation.

The member of the emergency committee and the Executive Board of Bosnia’s Football Association claims that he made his decision before he had time to think about all the possible implications.

“It was little time. It was all rushed. If it's a mistake, I admit it is. Although the majority of the world does not like it, there are those who like it. This happened. I'm sorry for what happened and I will do everything to change this decision,” said Colpa, adding that no one pressured him into voting the way he did.

Colpa said that all the Bosniak members of the committee had allegedly already agreed to accept the invitation.

The match between Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina is scheduled for November 19 in St. Petersburg.

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