BiH Presidency member Becirovic meets head of ICMP Holliday

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BiH Presidency member Denis Becirovic spoke with the director of the International Commission on Missing Persons for Europe (ICMP), Matthew Holliday with whom he recalled the anniversary of a terrible war crime in Visegrad, in which 70 people were killed on this day in 1992, who are still missing.

They agreed that this is also one of the reminders of the importance of the existence and work of organizations searching for missing persons. During the conversation, the two noted that Bosnia will not give up the search for missing persons and that it is important to ask all levels of government to provide full support to this process. At the same time, they noted that the prosecution of all those responsible for genocide and war crimes must continue.

Holliday informed Becirovic about the existing mechanism for regional cooperation in resolving the issue of persons missing in conflicts in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

Becirovic expressed his gratitude for the support and work of the ICMP in BiH, which has been providing assistance in finding missing persons since 1996.

He pointed out that the ICMP’s engagement had a significant impact on the process of searching for missing persons, but also on the identification of the found remains.

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