BiH Presidency member in Washington to strengthen friendship with US

NEWS 31.01.2023 17:55
Denis Bećirović u Washingtonu (Predsjedništvo BiH)

BiH Presidency member Denis Becirovic is on a working visit to the United States, during which he will attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.

Becirovic said that Washington and Brussels are the two most important cities for Bosnia and that he is showing this by his personal example and stressing it with his visit.

the Presidency member announced that during his visit to Washington, he will have numerous meetings with American officials in the White House, the Pentagon, and with American senators and members of Congress.

“I want to strengthen the American-Bosnian alliance and friendship. We must deepen and strengthen that alliance. It is of great importance to our people and country. I will work with all my strength to achieve our strategic goals, namely: the full membership in NATO and the European Union,” Becirovic noted.

I want, he added, to strengthen existing friendships, build new ones where we can and preserve the pride and dignity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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