Bosnia's RS entity President: Election authority is politically motivated

NEWS 24.01.2021 15:07

The decision of Bosnia’s election authority to annul the election results in the towns of Doboj and Srebrenica was illegal and was “concocted in the common kitchen of foreigners and people from within Bosniak politics,” the President of Bosnia’s semi-autonomous Republika Srpska (RS) entity said on Sunday.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) decided to annul the results of the November 2020 local election for 26 out of 28 polling stations in Srebrenica as well as 89 out of a total of 108 polling stations in Doboj due to irregularities in the voting process.


The institution discussed allegations of numerous irregularities regarding the voting process and determined that people without valid BiH documents were allowed to vote. Dozens of such cases were reported at several polling stations.

Graphologists also found numerous irregularities when it comes to voter signatures.

RS President Zeljka Cvijanovic called the CEC BiH “politically motivated.”

“This game with the CEC is a preparation for new activities, and the CEC members have led to the discrediting of the election process,” the RS President said following a meeting of the leadership of her party, the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD).

“Therefore, forces within the SNSD and coalition partners must be mobilized,” she said.

The SNSD is the ruling party in the RS and its leadership met on Sunday. Bosnia’s Presidency Chairman and party leader Milorad Dodik, Bosnia’s Council of Ministers Chairman, Zoran Tegeltija, Foreign Trade Minister, Stasa Kosarac, Deputy House of Representatives Speaker, Neboja Radmanovic, and RS Prime Minister, Radovan Viskovic, participated in the Sunday meeting, among others.

Cvijanovic stated that the CEC decision was concocted in a “common kitchen of foreigners and people from within Bosniak politics who are definitely not ready for great coexistence.”


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