Bosnia's Troika: Situation is difficult due to lack of trust among partners

NEWS 17.07.202318:49 0 komentara

The leaders of Bosnia’s “Troika” met at the Social Democratic Party (SDP) headquarters in Sarajevo, on Monday after which SDP leader Nermin Niksic said they are obviously "fixated" on the Council of Ministers session, where they hope that at least some laws should be adopted so that the BiH delegation travelling to Brussels can show that the country has done at least something on the way to the EU, however, everything depends on the partners at the state level – the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) and Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD).

He added that the meeting of the state-level coalition leaders was not agreed precisely, but that the working groups were supposed to meet Monday, to work on converging positions and fulfilling conditions and obligations on the European path.

Elmedin Konakovic, the leader of the People and Justice (NiP) party, said that they communicated with partners from the coalition at the state level throughout the day in writing.

“We have a view of our own that is completely clean and clear. We must return to the framework of the Constitution and laws of BiH and continue our European path, and the joint agreement we signed, implement everything, not just partial solutions. We have a scheduled session on the 25th and we are working on the departure of our team to Brussels on the 19th, maybe tomorrow during the day we will try to adopt some documents”, Konakovic said.

He stated that they are waiting to see if there is willingness to hold a telephone session Tuesday or an extraordinary session, to adopt some laws. Some of the laws are about the courts. However, due to the latest moves by the Republika Srpska (RS) authorities, he noted that the situation is tense.

“There is still no trust that was there before. It’s not easy to find a compromise solution when there is an obvious attack on the constitutional order. We are doing this for the sake of the short deadlines in which the EU expects us to be efficient, to deliver part of our obligations so that the people who are advocating for BiH to be side by side with Ukraine and other acceding countries show that we have done something. It’s dynamic, things are happening every day, they move – sometimes we are surprised by the positive and sometimes by negative reactions of our partners,” Konakovic said.

The state and Federation entity-level coalition of pro-Bosnian civic parties known as the Troika consists of the People and Justice party, Social Democratic Party and Our Party.