Cvijanovic accuses foreign officials in the UN, claims Schmidt threatened her

NEWS 10.05.202318:44 0 komentara

BiH Presidency Chair Zeljka Cvijanovic devoted her speech to the UN Security Council to criticizing and degrading the function of the High Representative, but also the role of foreign officials in the country. She repeated her interpretation of the Dayton Peace Agreement and the BiH Constitution and stated that the Republika Srpska (RS) entity cannot be accused of various things and secessionism considering "it calls on foreign officials to respect international law and the constitutional-democratic rights of citizens of BiH," obviously forgetting about the statements of her party leader and other officials who have been talking about the RS secession for years, and more often lately.

“The only realistic way is to respect the Dayton Agreement, including the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Cvijanovic stated at the beginning of her address, after which accusations and personal interpretations began.

She stated that the BiH Constitution stipulates the decentralization of power and protects peoples so that no people can rule over others, adding that these peoples have a long history of conflict.

“In the decades after the signing of the Dayton Agreement, Bosnia and Herzegovina was turned into a much more centralized system thanks to foreign interventions, not through legal democratic means,” Cvijanovic said.

BiH is not a powder keg, the security situation is stable

She advised the Security Council that, if they want to help preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignty of BiH, they can support the Dayton Agreement in word and deed and “condemn actions that would destroy this system.”

“Despite the vigorous rhetoric, the security situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is quite stable, which was recently confirmed by EUFOR. BiH is not the powder keg it is portrayed to be by those who demand greater foreign intervention. It is true that it is in a state of political tension, but this is also the case in other democratic countries. The threats do not come from harsh political statements but from inconsistent monitoring of the Dayton Agreement. If the Dayton Agreement is not respected, there is no hope that BiH will succeed,” Cvijanovic said.

Demotion of OHR and high representatives

She stated that the Dayton Agreement that ended the 1992-1995 war in the country was being disrespected in “two particularly dangerous ways”, and began demoting the High Representative, saying that his role had been “modified from a mediator to an autocrat with unlimited, despotic powers.”

She stated that their “dictatorial measures had a flood of ill-considered, hasty and humiliating decisions” and that Schmidt, with the latest amendments to the criminal laws of the entities in BiH, “makes a mockery of the rule of law again and again”. She also claimed that he threatened her.

“Immediately before my arrival here, Schmidt, whose appointment was not approved by the Security Council, threatened that if I dared to question his legitimacy before this Council, I would receive an answer that I would not like. The attitude that Schmidt shows towards BiH officials is a typical attitude of foreign officials passing through my country. Reckless interference by OHR more often creates problems than solves them,” the BiH Presidency Chair said, referring to the “problem of public property.”

She accused foreign officials of “undermining the Constitution of BiH.”

“The depravity of BiH was caused by the institution that was formed to protect it – the Constitutional Court of BiH”, she said.

Cvijanovic called Republika Srpska entity a “state”

She pointed out that “the official policy of the RS remains as it was – a commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina according to Dayton and commitment to peace”.

“But it is not ready to accept the despotic power of Gigh Representatives and the Constitutional Court, nor to have its constitutional democratic rights trampled on, or to be treated as a colonial possession of foreign powers”, she said calling the RS a state: “RS cannot be accused of being a renegade state only because it calls on foreign officials to respect international law and the constitutional-democratic rights of BiH citizens.”

The Bosniak member of the BiH Presidency, Denis Becirovic, said that the BiH Presidency has not adopted an official position on Cvijanovic's trip to the UN and that the views she expressed represent her personal opinion. He informed the members of the UN Security Council in writing about this.