Dodik accuses US embassy of masterminding indictment against him

NEWS 11.08.202316:50 0 komentara

The Presidency of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity said that the indictment against RS president Milorad Dodik represents an attempt by BiH prosecutors and politicians in Sarajevo to “annul the institutions of Republika Srpska chosen by will of the people” and that this is being done with the support of the US Ambassador, as well as the UK and the EU.

“The indictment against the President of Republika Srpska because of him signing the Decree promulgating the Law passed in the National Assembly of Republika Srpska, which is his constitutional obligation, is intended to annul not only the President of Republika Srpska, but also the National Assembly of Republika Srpska as the highest legislative authority in the Republika Srpska, as well as to annul the Constitution of the Republika Srpska itself,” a statement from Dodik’s office said.


N1 previously reported that the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina filed an indictment against Milorad Dodik and Milos Lukic, acting director of the Official Gazette of the RS, over their refusal to implement decisions of the High Representative of the international community in the territory of the RS.

According to unofficial information, on July 9, the BiH Prosecutor's Office formed a team of three prosecutors after Dodik’s controversial decree was published in the Official Gazette of the RS.

The decree stated that the decisions of the Office of the High Representative in BiH (OHR) will no longer be published in the entity and that the decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court will no longer be implemented in the RS.

Milos Lukic signed the Dodik’s decree the day after the Government of the RS appointed him to the post of director of the RS Official Gazette.

Dodik’s office believes the indictment also represents “an act of oppression of the Serb people in the Republika Srpska, with the goal to deprive them of the right to their own representatives, institutions and their own Constitution, which everyone in the Republika Srpska is obliged to respect.”

Dodik blamed US Ambassador Michael Murphy for the indictment, alleging that it was “written in his office”.

The US Embassy responded on Twitter.

“The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s indictments against Mr. Dodik and Mr. Lukic are an important step in enforcing the rule of law, which is foundational to every democracy. BiH laws apply to all citizens. No individual stands above the law. We look to BiH institutions and all citizens to respect the relevant processes involved in upholding those laws,” it said.