Dodik explains decision to end contact with UK and US diplomats in Bosnia


President of Bosnia's Serb-majority Republika Srpska entity Milorad Dodik said that the decision to stop contact with representatives of the UK and US embassies in Bosnia and Herzegovina has come after “they were imposing problems on Republika Srpska for 20 years, and now they touched the property, which must not be done.”

Dodik explained that this refers to the staff of the US Embassy and special envoys.

“Everything we do and that we suffered was because of peace, safety of our people, but sometimes it is enough, like now,” said Dodik, adding that the US Embassy is making reports but at the detriment of Republika Srpska.

He also said that mayors, ministers, prime minister and all Serb representatives at the state level must obey the Republika Srpska Government's decision.

Dodik recalled that he was warning even earlier that the decision on seceding from Bosnia and Herzegovina will follow if Republika Srpska is not allowed to dispose with its property “no matter what someone might think about that.”

According to Dodik, it is easier to be under sanctions but to lose property, because that would mean loss of Republika Srpska.

He stressed that he wants Rpeublika Srpska to be strong even after him.

RS Government decided on Thursday to terminate the cooperation with the US and UK diplomats in BiH due to alleged-Dayton Peace Agreement activities. The decision sparked reaction of both countries, whose embassies in Sarajevo assessed it as “one more step down dangerous path” and noting that only the state of BiH has a competency to decide on diplomatic relations.