US, UK embassies in Bosnia condemn RS’ breaking diplomatic ties


US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina condemned the Republika Srpska (RS) entity’s decision to cut ties with the US and UK embassies over their alleged meddling in Bosnia’s internal affairs and anti-Dayton Peace Agreement actions.

 “President Milorad Dodik’s announcement today that the Republika Srpska government will stop contact with official representatives of the United States and the United Kingdom is one more step down the dangerous path that he has chosen – a path of isolation and authoritarian rule. It is a path that does not benefit the residents of Republika Srpska, the residents Dodik claims to be protecting. The United States has longstanding working relationships with Republika Srpska institutions, and we will continue providing assistance to the people of Republika Srpska as we have been doing all these years.

We will not help a regime that uses authoritarian tactics against its own people or that uses well-intended foreign assistance to support unconstitutional or anti-Dayton activities. Dodik’s increasing rejection of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s long-standing partners and embrace of authoritarian leaders is damaging Republika Srpska. Dodik’s desperate moves are mortgaging away his own residents’ futures to support his regime and corrupt interests,” the Embassy said.

British Ambassador to Bosnia also condemned the move saying only the state can make or break diplomatic relations with other countries.

“The ever more erratic decisions of the President of the RS entity, Mr Milorad Dodik, harm the interests and reputation of the Republika Srpska. Only the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina has the authority to make decisions on the country's diplomatic relations. The British Embassy will continue to work for the benefit of all citizens of this country,” Julian Reilly wrote.

The RS Government said in their announcement that they are “convinced that such actions of the embassies of the USA and Great Britain are not in accordance with the official policies of the USA and Great Britain towards BiH and it is of the opinion that the suspension of cooperation will last until the embassies of the USA and Great Britain stop the practice of interfering in the internal affairs of BiH,” the RS Government stated.