Dodik says RS entity won't implement BiH Const Court rulings on state property


The President of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity, Milorad Dodik, said the RS will “not share its property with BiH” and will not implent BiH Constitutional Court decisions on the matter.

“Our policy remains constitutional BiH. One of those issues is the issue of property. The international community got involved in that,” Dodik said.


Dodik argued that the property in question belongs to the entity according to the Constitution.

“We will not implement the decisions. RS will not give up property,” he said, adding that the entity “will not share our property with BiH.”

He argued that the Constitution of BiH states that BiH continues to exist in accordance with its internal structure, not international law.

“We want to send a message of cooperation, but there are no negotiations regarding the property,” he said.

Dodik also vehemently denied that there is any malign Russian influence in BiH, arguing that, meanwhile, “80 million US dollars were given to fake free media and individuals to serve American politics”.

He stressed he will continue cooperation with Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, and the EU, but strongly criticised the UK and the USA, which he said funded those who “spit on the Serbs, on the Russians.”

He also touched upon economic issues.

Dodik said the RS has a total debt of 6.3 billion Bosnian Marks (BAM), and the public debt is much smaller, about 5 billion BAM.
He noted that this data is often handled “in a speculative manner” and that the war in Ukraine contributed to the loss of some markets, including Russia.

Dodik spoke about a number of projects in the entity, saying that authorities are working on building the hydropower plants Mrsovo and Buk Bijela.

“We are trying to unblock the gas pipeline project on the border with Serbia, up to Prijedor. The construction of solar and wind power plants is gaining momentum, and a number of investors have already expressed interest in it. There is no pressure from the Energy Community, which previously had quotas. The energy supply is stable. As for oil, we will share the fate of the region and the world,” he said.

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