Fmr BiH elxn official calls for establishment of RS entity election watchdog

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The former president of Bosnia’s Central Election Commission (CEC), Branko Petric, assessed that the current composition of the CEC has lost credibility, which is why it is necessary for the representatives of the Republika Srpska entity to work on amending the BiH Election Law, which will clearly define who conducts elections in state institutions, and who in the entity. Pročitaj više

Petric specified that the RS should and must work to ensure that the electoral process is carried out by competent authorities in accordance with the constitution, which implies that the CEC BiH is responsible for state institutions, and the RRS election commission for the election of the RS President, National Assembly and local parliaments and mayors and heads of municipalities.

He stated that the existing composition of the CEC BiH, which according to him “shows obvious amateurism and charlatanism,” does not lose, nor can it lose reputation because it never had any.

“That institution was practically completely devastated at the time, and it is no wonder that this is the situation when it comes to elections,” said Petric, referring to the views of some members of the current convocation of the CEC BiH who themselves assessed that this institution was losing its reputation and that amateurism came to the fore in the work.

Petrić emphasized that the CEC previously had its own capacity and internal structure, was independent and adhered to the law and that it was not subject to different influences as it is now.

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