Hungary hands donation in PCR tests as a sign of solidarity with people of BiH

NEWS 16.03.2021 15:40

Hungary's Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto arrived for a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday, delivering a donation of more than 40,000 PCR tests as a sign of solidarity with BiH during the pandemic.

“The healthier your neighbour is, the better it is for you. We are helping in any way possible. We feel the solidarity with BiH and this is the quickest response we could offer for your citizens,” said Szijjarto, who was welcomed by Bosnian Civil Affairs Minister Ankica Gudeljevic.

Gudeljevic thanked for the donation, reminding that the situation with the virus spread has culminated over the recent weeks, while healthcare institutions are filled to capacities.

“But the fight against the virus must continue with the same force as if this was the beginning. The donation of friendly Hungary and its National General Directorate for Hospitals, which consists of 40,032 PCR tests is more than welcome in the days when BiH citizens need to do intensify the testing,” she stressed.

FM Szijjarto is also set to meet his Bosnian counterpart, Minister Bisera Turkovic.


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