Kalabukhov: Russia is grateful for Republika Srpska's award

NEWS 19.01.2023 23:06
Igor Kalabuhov
Igor Kalabuhov (N1)

Russian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Igor Kalabukhov said it was “sovereign right” of the leadership of Republika Srpska, Bosnia's Serb-majority entity, to decorate Russian President Vladimir Putin and that Russia is grateful for that.

Speaking to public broadcaster RTRS, Kalabukhov said that the Russian Federation is using the strategic relations with Republika Srpska and the Serb people to work on the communication with the Bosniaks and the Croats, as well as others in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He stressed his country is advocating the respect for the equality of constituent peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina a comfortable life of all peoples and that there is no influence of the international community on developments in this country.

The ambassador urged the local politicians to use the possibility of cooperation with Russia in sectors of economy, culture and others.

Commenting on the decision of Republika Srpska entity President Milroad Dodik to bestow an award to Putin on uncosntitutional January 9 Republika Srpska Day holiday, Kalabukhov said this was a “sovereign right” of the entity leadership and that the Russian Federation is greateful for that.

He assessed as “interesting” that it is deemed good if someone shares American interest, while sharing interest with Russia results in threats with sanctions.


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