Klitschko invites Sarajevo mayor to Kyiv Forum in Brussels

AFP/N1/BeFunky kolaž

Sarajevo Mayor Benjamina Karic has accepted the invitation of her Kyiv counterpart Vitaliy Klitschko to attend Kyiv Investment forum, which will due to the security reasons be held in Brussels, instead of the Ukraine capital, on November 28.

“The participation of the City of Sarajevo is very important for the Kyiv City Hall and we will be honoured to welcome Mayor Karic among our distinguished guests,” the Kyiv City State Administration told N1.

Klitschko extended the invitation to Mayor Karic, noting that this year's forum agenda is dedicated to rebuilding Kyiv metropolitan area affected by war and post-war economic recovery of the region.

“Kyiv Investment Forum is one of the most influential platforms in Ukraine for exchange of leading international experience and practices among experts, officials, politicians, business and other stakeholders. Thus, your participation as a leader of a prominent European city is of high importance for the elaboration of a balanced holistic approach to the future public policy,” the Kyiv mayor said.

N1 (Pozivnica Vitalija Klička gradonačelnici Sarajeva)

He also explained that the event has been relocated “due to the barbaric invasion of russian federation into Ukraine and active hostilities in many parts of the country.”

“The consequences of the russian war against Ukraine are absolutely inconceivable: purely civilian infrastructure (including hospitals and schoold) destroyed, production chains disrupted, vital economic investments stopped. Yet, we must deal with these repercussions and overcome them,” reads the note.


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