Meet David Hamilton: Scottish humanitarian in 90s Bosnia

If there's anything certain, for sure that would be the fact that, wherever you might travel, you might meet someone with their own personal 'Bosnia story'.

Some stories are more personal than the other, but all stories have their impact on society almost three decades later.

David Hamilton, chief of Scottish Police Federation, met with N1's Ika Ferrer Gotić in Glasgow, Scotland for Climate Summit COP26.

They discussed policing and security of the venue as tens of thousands of visitors poured into this Scottish city.

Little did she know, David had its own Bosnia story. He later shared his personal album of pictures that Bosnian public have not seen before.


In an interview, just a couple of days later, as Ferrer Gotić returned to Sarajevo, he spoke about his own experiences during the War in the 90s.

Hamilton traveled to Bosnia and volunteered as a humanitarian.

As a member of Remembering Srebrenica Scotland, Hamilton is active in annual commemorations of victims of Bosnian genocide and actively takes part in joit education of the public on the events of the ‘90s. he said he will always be ‘persistent in keeping the truth alive’ even to this day.

A NEW exhibition commemorating the Bosnian War and the genocide in Srebrenica has been unveiled.

The brand-new exhibition in the Community Gallery at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow will showcase stories of ordinary people who lived through the war. It will also explore some of Scotland’s connections with Bosnia during and after the war with a unique collection of personal items from Bosnians who now live in Scotland on show.